The Yogi's for Freedom event was an amazing day on Dec 2 that was filled with love, compassion, healing and alot of wonderful people coming out in support of victims of sex trafficking in the celebration  of freedom for all. Deepest gratitude to all the amazing supporters, donors, local businesses and practitioners that helped us not just meet, but exceed our goal! We raised over $6,000 on Dec 2 and this sent us charging past our goal of $20,000. It's official, I have just received my BARE WITNESS TOUR packet and will be going to India in Feb 2013 as part of the outreach program of Off The Mat, Into The World. Their mission is to support the development of leadership skills for participants like me who sign up for the Global Seva and encourage grassroots activism on issues that matter. I for one have learned so much in this process and will be sharing more about this whole process and what insights I have gained and continue to be blessed with. The most significant at this point is the very real truth that we are all interconnected, that nothing is done in isolation, that people are amazing and that this life is a great mystery, providing each one of us exactly what we need to evolve, open and shine our light. Anything worth doing, is worth doing for the benefit of all beings. We are all ONE. Go to www.facebook.com/yogafourwinds to see the photo album of our event.
In Awe and Gratitude,
Jill :)


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    Please help end sex trafficking and make a tax deductible donation. Remember to list my name " Jill Gutowski" as the participant you are donating in the name of. Thank you so much!


    Jill Gutowski has been a practitioner of hatha yoga, meditation and holistic healing for over 18 years.  She teaches in the Princeton, NJ area.


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