Tonight is our first big benefit event at Four Winds Yoga for the Global Seva Challenge-India 2012 and I AM SO EXCITED, YOU HAVE NO IDEA! Tonight at 7:15pm we will be showing the most excellent, inspirational movie about yoga that I have ever come across in my almost 20 years of practice: Yogawoman: Never Underestimate the Power of Inner Peace. We are so happy to be hosting the kind of event in which EVERYONE BENEFITS. I know WHOLE-HEARTEDLY that everyone in attendance tonight will get something from watching this inspirational movie about women and yoga. I am personally inspired by this movie and it has already shaped and inspired my teaching and has contributed to the clarity I have about where I am evolving as a yoga teacher and dare I say, yoga activist (whew!). In addition, one of the best gifts that I have ALREADY recieved from signing on to the Global Seva Challenge is that I am clearer about how to put my practice into action AND more importantly to clear out some of my internal "stuff" around not feeling supported or feeling isolated in my mind from others. The Seva is saving me from the illusion of separation! Now keep in mind, I have been practicing daily for close to 18 years (time flies, yes?) so my practice has prepared me perfectly for where I am today. There is so much support everywhere for us to "download" into our systems and our hearts, when we have a inner experience of peace. It comes from connecting and honoring our heart's deepest desires. I have learned so much about being at peace with who I am and really going for what I want to manifest in this world. To hear a little more about my insights I will be talking and taking questions after the movie tonight.

    Please come tonight at 7:15pm. You will not regret it. On the contrary, I believe you will leave feeling inspired, transformed in some way, maybe see yourself in a new light. YOU WILL BE HELPING OTHER WOMEN AND GIRLS TO SEE THEMSELVES IN A NEW LIGHT AS WELL. 100% of all proceeds will go to women and girls and help them to feel love and care, to heal and have a chance to live with dignity. No one wants to be abused, enslaved or hurt. YOUR GENEROUS DONATION TONIGHT WILL GIVE SO MUCH. YET THERE IS SO MUCH MORE THAT WE RECIEVE FROM OUR ACTIONS OF COMPASSION AND GENEROSITY! Bring your best friends, daughters. Tell everyone!
                Yogawoman Movie Screening, 7:15pm
                Four Winds Yoga , Pennington NJ
        for directions 
                Pre-register or drop-in
                Bring a cushion or pillow if you have one
                Tax deductible DONATION at the event/door
                Credit card or checks preferred
                Checks made out to "OTM/The Engage Network"
We also will have a small concession stand AND the exclusive pre-order of very cool yoga t-shirts available!  Reminder there is the Friday night "Slow Flow" All Levels Yoga class from 5:45- 6:45pm tonight.            
        Thank you in advance and sending you much love,

07/18/2012 5:31pm

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05/17/2013 10:42pm

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    Jill Gutowski has been a practitioner of hatha yoga, meditation and holistic healing for over 18 years.  She teaches in the Princeton, NJ area.


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