Sex sells. Sexy is always "in" especially in our society. But talking about sex trafficking is on the taboo side. I find it interesting that unlike feeding the poor, or raising money for breast cancer (both honorable and needed), when it comes to forced sexual exploitation, we just want to shut the door and turn the page even if we do on some level "care". A friend was telling me that they watched the posted video half-way and then turned it off. I have to say, I also had that same reaction. However, it's getting ourselves through the uncomfortability of the subject that will allow us to get to the other side of horror-- healing. The Buddha suggested strongly that we do not turn away from suffering, to look it in the face and go through it. When confronted by a student or villager that was going through some difficult life problem, a respected elder Buddhist teacher, Ajahn Chah, asked his students, "Can you bear it?" In other words, can you bear witness to the suffering without turning away, numbing out or pretending it doesn't exist? All beings suffer. Can we bear witness to their suffering and our own? It is only when we go through it, that we can see ourselves as free. True inner freedom comes from bearing witness to the suffering of others and our own with compassion and wisdom. That compassion and wisdom calls us to action- compassionate action. The truth is that more women and children are shipped into brothels each year in the early 21st century than African slaves in the 18th or 19th centuries. Many die of AIDS by their late 20's. As many as 1 million children are forced into prostitution EVERY YEAR worldwide. Capitalism and the "sex sells" mentality has created new markets for female sex slaves. Please, although it is disturbing, we can do something about this. Through Off the Mat Into the World, we can raise the funds to help these children and women who need us to bear their suffering. We can make a difference! We must...
With great respect, may all beings know happiness and freedom.


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