Ok, so I am fresh from the hospital and raring to go! One of our cats, Boo Boo, bit me a little harder than I think she meant to, and put me in the hospital with a bacterial infection. Apparently, cat bites are notoriously way worse than dog bites and often lead to hospital stays of IV antibiotic treatments. So I was sprung from the new Capital Health Hospital in Hopewell, which by the way is like staying at an updated hotel of sorts, pumped full of medicine, and catching up on my work. I happen to be so excited to work (after laying in bed for 3 days!).
    I will be updating the new totals of my fundraising efforts this weekend sometime, so check back soon...
    In the meantime, I wanted to tell you about the event coming up at Four Winds Yoga, on Sat, June 23, 9:45- Noon: Seva Solstice Celebration Practice! I have specially designed this program for us, that will celebrate the summer solstice and make the connection between the Sun and Earth and our own body/mind-complex rhythms and cycles. It is not your typical sun salutation thing, but a comprehensive yogic practice that highlights the aspects of Four Winds Yoga that are: breathe, awaken, transform and share. As we bring our bodies in sync with the Universal Life Force, we experience a growing easefulness in living and a greater ability to share that energy with the Universe. It is a sacred circle, and as I've said in earlier posts, the more we become a straw and less of a container, the more Prana or Universal Life Force can flow through us for the benefit of all. So it this excites you, intrigues you, delights you or makes you want more, please join me on Sat, June 23.
    You can sign up here at Seva Solstice Celebration Practice. Get Bright! Shine like the Beautiful Light that You Are! Shine On! See you there!

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