As I have been sharing with others (whom ever will lend a caring ear) about sex trafficking and my mission to be a part of a movement to end this horrendous crime, I get a sense that, people just don't know much about it or don't want to hear about something that disturbing, or have preconceived notions about sex trafficking or prostitution. That is why I am so darned determined to get the word out! Because if people knew what a crime against humanity it really is, they would naturally want to be a part of a solution! I believe in people, our common humanity and our strength to go beyond our comfort zone and perceived limitations. Let me bust some myths to get us started:
1) Prostitutes choose their "profession" and can get out of it if they wanted to . Prejudices may be that they are from a lower class, are not "good people" and like what they do.

The TRUTH is that in the sex trafficking industry, these prostitutes are victims often kidnapped or sold as CHILDREN. WE ARE TALKING CHILDREN MOST OFTEN BETWEEN THE AGES OF 12-14. SOME ARE TAKEN AND "INITIATED" AT 6 OR EVEN YOUNGER. The are sold for a profit often many times over, beaten and raped to break their spirits. They are indentured to their captors and are property. The children and young women are often from cultures that teach women to be subservient and are very poor. It is unbelievable that a parent, sibling or family member can be so poor as to sell their child into sex slavery. Sex slaves are kidnapped around the world, in the US, in NJ, and can come from any socioeconomic background. UNDER THOSE CIRCOMSTANCES, IT IS INSANE TO THINK A CHILD OR WOMAN WOULD LIKE THIS INHUMANE TREATMENT. So to be clear, even if a woman makes it into her late teens and 20's, she likely was brought in as an innocent child. Having sex with a "virgin" in some cultures occurs because it is a myth that doing so will cure the male of AIDS. Because of this and that the victims are unprotected, they often contract AIDS and die at an early age. **To read more about the sex trafficking industry read HALF THE SKY by Kristoff and WuDunn and/or THE ROAD OF LOST INNOCENCE: THE TRUE STORY OF CAMBODIAN HEROINE SOMALY MAM.

2) We cannot do much about ending sex trafficking. It's bigger than anything "I" can do about it. I have enough to worry about in my own life. I can't contribute to everything. Someone else will be better able to help than me.

THE TRUTH IS change happens one person sticking their neck out at a time. We can make a difference. Off the Mat Into the World has an excellent track record and you can read more at . IF WE ONLY HELP ONE GIRL, ONE CHILD, AND HELP THEM OUT OF A LIVING HELL AND HAVE HOPE AND KNOW THAT THEY ARE PRECIOUS AND CARED FOR, IS THIS A LOSS? IS THIS NOT WORTH A FEW DOLLARS? IS THAT ONE CHILD'S LIFE NOT WORTH OUR SMALL BUT COMPASSIONATE EFFORT? There is so much to "give" to. But the cruelty, abuse, hopelessness that these children and women face is unbearable to me. We are the change we wish to see. We are talking extreme abuse and to know it exists, even if we turn away, on some level we still know. It will take only a small act to feel we are contributing to that child's life. President Obama spoke last week about pledging to make a difference in human trafficking. Read more here

I will be sharing about my participation in the Global Seva and why I am so determined, passionate, and clear about ending sex trafficking after three of my classes, please come to lend a compassionate ear and allow me to tell you why this is important to me and each of us as a global family. I will speak and answer questions after class (no more than 20-30min)
The dates are:
Mon, April 9 after my 5:45-6:45pm Core class
Tues, April 10 after my 9:15- 10:30am Yoga class
Thurs, April 12 after my 5:45- 7:15pm Yoga class
I look forward to seeing you there!

To make a donation click on the "Donate Now" button.
Go to the "India" Global Seva section.
Choose my name "Jill Gutowski" from the drop-down menu of participants.
(That way your contribution will count towards my goal of $20,000)
With Deep Respect,
May all beings know happiness, kindness and freedom!

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