Tonight's community yoga class at Four Winds Yoga was so sweet. So many women coming out to support other women- it's wonderful! I am mindful of the deep power of yoga to transform on so many levels. We get a class for a low fee and have an opportunity practice supporting our hearts and bodies with breath. We also get a chance to feel empowered that our donation is making a positive impact on the lives of children and women in India. When we reach out in this way, we feel a little more at peace somehow, a little stronger. We are all related. In yoga it is understood as a matrix or a web. We are each strands of the web. When we vibrate positively, we also vibrate positively all the other strands that we are connected to. It may be invisible to us on some level. But I do know one thing, we can feel our own hearts soften and heal as we reach out to others who need our help. When I get to India, I promise to bring you back first-hand evidence of how our collective efforts have an incredibly positive impact on our sisters and our children in "our web". It would be my honor. Until then, feel the opening in your own heart as you reach into the hearts and lives of others.

05/17/2013 10:39pm

I am personally inspired by this blog and it has already shaped and inspired my teaching and has contributed to the clarity I have about where I am evolving as a yoga teacher and dare I say, yoga activist (whew!).


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