The excitement is building for our big event to bring our practice into action for the benefit of others. There are many ways to be a part of this journey along with me, so I hope no matter where you are, you will feel compelled to be a voice for the freedom of women, girls and in the process liberate  yourself through love and compassion in action! The Yogi's For Freedom Event being held on Sunday, Dec 2 from 8-1pm is a "yogathon" that will feature both yoga and mindfulness practices taught by 4 local teachers: Mahan Rishi from Khalsa Yoga Center in Yardley, PA, Robin Boudette from the Princeton, NJ area, Kevin Eaton from Pennington, NJ and me (of course, yours truly). Participants can get sponsors of family and friends or attend the practice only, or choose to sponsor someone else. To sign up and read more about the event go to www.fourwindsyoga.com or to sponsor a participant/team member go to http://www.crowdrise.com/jillgutowskiyogisforfreedom/fundraiser/jillgutowski/
    So far, I have been on a roller coaster of ups and downs. When I feel like I am overwhelmed and frustrated, someone or something comes along to let me know that I am not alone, that what I am doing is inspiring others to action. Putting my yoga practice into action like this has been very good for me. I feel myself in the fire often, the fires of doubts and shoulda woulda. It's burning off some karma, old patterns of self doubt and fears that need to be surrendered into more trust and self-love in the process. 
    This journey has brought me a greater visceral appreciation of how we depend on one another for our growth and healing. I remember the women and children and how their situations will improve from our actions. We are sending a message of hope and healing that goes beyond our imagination. I realize that this is an opportunity not just for me but for us all.  We are all reaching out in this process in some way that takes us beyond our four walls and our own life experience. Even in the shadow of elections and wall street and personal concerns, the power of reaching out to another human being shines brightest of all and makes us feel a sliver of who we really are.
    Every day takes another layer of illusion away. I find myself like a snake shedding her skin and finding herself with a new and raw sense of self that seems more like me than ever.

    We have crested over the half way mark of $10,000!!! Many thank you's to all who have so generously supported this community effort to help end sex trafficking. As a friend put it, I am helf way from NJ to Kolkata! (That means I'm swimmin' somewhere in the Atlantic probably!) and I couldn't be more in awe of the outpouring of support on this personal and community challenge. 
    Some things we have done to reach this point are:
Film screenings of Yogawoman.
Individual donations since Feb 2012.
Corporate Matching Gifts- (does your company match?)
ETS Cares Events
Four Winds Yoga Donations and Events
Global Mala Asbury Park Charity Event
    Actually, those last three are still to be tabulated when the funds are in. Speaking of...I wanted to share with you some photos from Asbury Park a few weekends ago. I along with 9 other instructors, taught yoga to about 300-400 people on the boardwalk. It was a BEAUTIFUL sunny, blue sky day and you could not get any better than being by the ocean with a bunch of passionate and compassionate yoga peeps!
    Check out the slideshow below. We have some exciting new events planned. Please join us on Sat, Oct 27 for the Lunar Flow and Earth Gong Healing Workshop with Jill and Marco. Sign up at www.fourwindsyoga.com Help us get even closer to our goal and support victims of trafficking become survivors! Thank you everyone for your love and support!
Jai Ma!

    Please help end sex trafficking and make a tax deductible donation. Remember to list my name " Jill Gutowski" as the participant you are donating in the name of. Thank you so much!


    Jill Gutowski has been a practitioner of hatha yoga, meditation and holistic healing for over 18 years.  She teaches in the Princeton, NJ area.


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