This is a wonderful one and 1/2 minute video made by a 9th grader for her class. Please take a minute to watch it and join us in ending the suffering of countless children and girls that are trapped in sexual slavery. Make a donation to the Global Seva in Jill's name today. Thank you for watching!
As soon as I get the photos, I will share with you the amazing experience I had teaching on famous boardwalk of Asbury Park this past Sunday to several hundred yogi's and yogini's. It was a blast and made me realize "I gotta get out there more!" The feedback was wonderful and it just goes to show how getting a group of people together for a peace is so powerful!

What I am really excited to share with you now is the upcoming charity event for the Global Seva India 2012: Lunar Flow Yoga & Earth Gong Bath on Sat, Oct 27, 5:00- 7:30pm. This will be an amazing experience where I teach some chill vinyasa flows to open the energy field, soothe the mind and restore the vital prana pathways in the body through simply breathing, postures and intention-setting. Then Marco Dolce (read more about Marco at will play the special Earth Gong for a sweet relaxation and sound healing experience. The combined journey is not to be missed. SIGN UP ONLINE at If you CAN'T be with us, please consider making a donation to the Global Seva in my name PLEASE. Women and children are desperate for your compassionate assistance. LOvE to All! Thank you!

"If you believe what's in your soul,
Just hold on tight and don't let go,
You Can Make It,
Make It Happen

If you believe in yourself and know what you want,
Your gonna
Make It Happen,
Make It Happen

And if you get on your knees and pray to the Lord,
He's (She's) gonna Make It Happen,
Make It Happen!"
~Mariah Carey

    Please help end sex trafficking and make a tax deductible donation. Remember to list my name " Jill Gutowski" as the participant you are donating in the name of. Thank you so much!


    Jill Gutowski has been a practitioner of hatha yoga, meditation and holistic healing for over 18 years.  She teaches in the Princeton, NJ area.


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