We had our outdoor screening of Yogawoman, hosted by Melanie, and had a very nice time outdoors this past Saturday. The weather was surprisingly comfortable for the evening screening under the stars and we raised $300. It was a pleasure meeting the women who came out in support of my Global Seva efforts and victims of sex trafficking. Women helping women (and one man, Melanie's husband who set up our techno area!). If you have not seen Yogawoman or if you would love to see it again and contribute to the Global Seva through your participation, please stay tuned to either the Chichester, NY event on Aug 18 or upcoming fall/winter showings.
    We are making steady progress through the Community Yoga class, every Wed at Four Winds Yoga (note: no class next Wed, July 25) and raising a little bit every week. Check it out and join this all levels class full of women and young women practicing and making a difference!
    Jada Pinkett Smith, actress, urged Congress to step up the fight against human trafficking in the US and abroad. She testified during a Senate Foreign Relations Commitee hearing, to free modern day slaves and protect human rights, the rights of women and children. Unbelievably, the issue was brought to her attention by her 11 year old daughter! The State Department estimates that at least 14,500 people are trafficking into the US annually. This number does not account for those that are trafficked from within our country: the so-called "throw-aways" or children who are kicked out or run away from abusive homes. The number of trafficked children and adolescents in the US is estimated at 100,000- 300,000. Unbelievable. Please join the fight and be a Light for others.
Thank you!

    I just returned from a radiant weekend teaching at Chichester Yoga with my friend, healer, yoga trainer and amazing wise woman, Megan Leigh. I had a blast teaching her yoga trainees at her beautiful center amidst the mountains and flowing creek. I will be back on Saturday, August 18 for a showing of Yogawoman, inspirational talk and a yoga class and you are invited to join in! There are lots of wonderful cabins and places to stay nearby if you want to make it an overnight or relaxing weekend. Megan and her partner Peter are skilled healers and are available for bodywork and there are daily yoga classes of course! Check out www.chichesteryoga.com to read more about this gem in the Catskills. 
    In the meantime, we have a local showing at the home of Melanie Parsons this Saturday, July 14. You can come for some yoga with me at 7:00pm or show up for a picnic under the stars and OUTDOOR movie screening out back! For more information go to our website www.fourwindsyoga.com  and just come out to support the Global Seva!!!
    Proceeds from these two events will fund programs in India for women and children and raise awareness on ENDING SEX TRAFFICKING! Rock on!
Thank you all for your support!
May All Beings Be Happy and Know Freedom!

    Please help end sex trafficking and make a tax deductible donation. Remember to list my name " Jill Gutowski" as the participant you are donating in the name of. Thank you so much!


    Jill Gutowski has been a practitioner of hatha yoga, meditation and holistic healing for over 18 years.  She teaches in the Princeton, NJ area.


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